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Always Wandering.

Holland Fey Peters. 18 years young.
Not really into socializing, but I can give it a shot...maybe. Some strange things go on in this head of mine...don't even ask...
I drink alone, like a movie oldie. Got scars...battle wounds. I'm at war. With who? Myself. No longer wandering alone, I have someone who likes to get lost with me...and hey I love him. I love books more than I should...and music...and tea...I don't consider myself wise...just experienced...but isn't that the same? Now I'm being pointless...rambling on again.
I am the author of my own destruction...I know I am, no one can tell me otherwise.

Table of Contents
I Love you too y'know?
the lovely lady
Better Than Theraphy
I'm Too Close To Too Many Of You

Noodles In the Tub || Holland and Dillon

"Come on Dillon the pasta isle’s this way…" Holland said as she dragged Dillon along. It was all his fault really, he was the one that had been talking about a noodle-filled bathtub…so she was gonna make his wishes come true. With a grin on her face she looked back at Dillon. "Oh Dill, this is gonna be too much fun." She laughed and went ahead a bit, stopping in front of a giant wall of pasta. She looked at the wall for a bit, before starting to grab a whole lot of boxes of pasta, and throwing them in the shopping cart. She just kept throwing and throwing…because frankly you need a lot of noodles to fill a bathtub, and everyone should know that. She was having fun with this, and she simply couldn’t stop laughing. In no time the cart was filled up to the brim. "Dillon I bet you everyone’s thinking we’re some crazy Italian fanatics or something of the sort…" She couldn’t help but chuckle as people pass by and stared.

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    "You want to be a musician, obviously." Dillon smiled at her, putting his hands in the noodles. He had dreams, sure, but...
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    "You sing, so do I…I play a whole bunch of instruments to. Next time, you come over and I show you my music room…the...